Basics of Smart mobile cell phones

Basic specs of smartphones and mobile cell phones explained

This website explains in simple language the most important mobile phone specs and features. These are the most important things to know before buying a mobile phone. We start from the very basics of smartphones like how a mobile smartphone screen size is measured and what makes pictures and movies look good on phone screen. Then we go on to discuss the advantages of having high phone camera MP and why mobile manufacturers are now making phones with non-removable battery. There are pages with full details on why it is safe to use mobile phones, even for long periods of time and also why there is no harm to health living near telephone tower masts. Here is a summary of pages on our site:

Phone screen size measurement:
How Phone screen size is measured and standard sizes of phone screens
Types of mobile phone touch screen:
Different types of mobile touch screens like LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) explained and compared with each other
Most common mobile phone screen resolutions:
What are the most common mobile phone screen resolutions and standard resolutions of phone screens - terms like VGA screen, HD screen, etc. explained
Phone screen PPi Calculator:
What is cell phone PPi or mobile phone PPi and how it is calculated
Removable vs non-removable phone battery:
Advantages of phones with removable replaceable battery, Advantages of mobile cell phones with non-removable battery
Does more MP mean better phone camera:
More megapixels (MP) in a phone camera does not automatically make it a better phone camera. We explain how to compare phone cameras
How important is phone Memory:
Phone memory and why it is important explained. Different types of phone mobile phone memory like RAM, SD cards, etc. explained.
Why mobile cell phone radiation is not dangerous
The reasons why mobile phones are safe to use and how several world leading authorities give a clean chit to the use of mobile phones.
Why it is safe to live near mobile phone tower masts:
A full page on the evidence why it is safe to live near mobile phone towers.
Mobile phone signal boosters or mobile cell phone repeaters:
The internet is full of offers for equipment to boost telephone signals for better reception. But make sure that it is legal to use them. We give details of the rules in several countries regarding the use of mobile repeaters and mobile signal boosters. Most countries impose prison terms and heavy fines for unauthorized use of telephone signal boosting equipment.
Worlds best big screen smart phones compared:
This page tells about the advantages of having a big screen phone called ‘Phablet”. Specs of the world’s best Phablets are compared side by side

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